Apple of My Eye

Susannah turns 10 years of age on this coming Monday.

She’s a lot like her mother in many ways. Although she’s still in elementary school she’s busy thinking about where she’ll go to university and what sort of career she’d like. Right now it’s a tossup between architecture and engineering. We’ll see.

She could combine STEM with art as she’s good in both math and drawing.

I am a person who loves it when a kid grows up and becomes a young lady or man, so I really appreciate Susannah at this age. My next project will be a childish one though. I want to teach her how to play Euchre – her older siblings are getting pretty good at it but we can have a four handed game if she learns. Good fun.

She is already a demon UNO player and like the other kids loves to “get” Grandpa. She’s also great at Trivia – again like her mother.

She’s busy planning a craft marketing project with proceeds going to charity. Some sort of jewelry and hair schrunchies items which likely will require a hot glue gun. I hope that works out OK. It’s not something I’d want to get involved in – I’ll stick to math and science.

She and her sister had a great time as flower girls at their Cousin Rachel’s wedding in September. A lovely pair.

Happy birthday my dear Susannah and I hope I’m around to see you make all those plans and dreams come true.

Published by Ray MacDonald

Ray MacDonald is a retired food scientist who lives in Almonte, ON.
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