Another November

Here we go again – the most unpleasant month of the year. The clock’s turning back and it’ll be dark at 5 PM tomorrow. It’s cold and wet tonight – first rain , then maybe some snow flurries.

We have somber celebrations this month like All Souls Day and Remembrance Day. Mr. Oates and I celebrate birthdays – he probably doesn’t care and I always have a lack of enthusiasm for mine.

Once in a while, things turn out OK in November if we can schedule a cruise. For instance 12 years ago today we were in Barcelona getting ready for a Mediterranean cruise that ended in Venice.

It was about 20 degrees C (68F) in Barca and everybody was wandering around in fur coats. Go figure. The geese at the Cathedral were happily diving in the pond. We enjoyed getting away from the grey skies.

Of course, we came back to one of the worst November snowstorms ever, and we had a record winter snowfall that year so maybe it wasn’t such a great idea to fly away for a few weeks.

Other times we have taken Caribbean cruises from Baltimore and New York and in 2016 we came back from Rome to Ft.Lauderdale. Nothing this year though.

I guess I’ll have to go over to Walmart in Carleton Place and watch them putting up the Christmas decorations. There’s nothing like hearing “The Little Drummer Boy” in November to get my juices flowing. Say what?

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