Another Birthday

October is a major family birthday month with daughter’s near the beginning, younger granddaughter’s towards the middle, and Maria’s coming near the end.

When we first met, Maria was nearing what we used to call “the age of majority.” It arrived later back then. She was already playing a number of recurring roles as daughter, sister and university student. Later on, she was wife, career woman, educator, mother, aunt, grandmother, volunteer – just to name a few. She was – and is – a Catholic Christian throughout.

She does it all with grace and a keen sense of duty. Many people (myself included) tend to take her for granted, but she always perseveres. She has the inner strength to get through a hurricane or tsunami, but sometimes she gets upset when the cat locks himself in the front closet. Go figure.

We’ve done some traveling, Maria and I. It took a while until we were financially OK to do so but since the late 80s, we got out and about. Above is a pic from a 2003 bus tour – of Italy. Nowadays we usually include the grandkids.

So Happy Birthday my dear and many more adventures to come. God willing.



Published by Ray MacDonald

Ray MacDonald is a retired food scientist who lives in Almonte, ON.
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