Another (Birth)day in the Valley

Come November 19 I’ll be celebrating 11 birthday anniversaries  in Almonte. This photo was taken around the time of my 2nd one in 2006. A lot has happened since then, even to things in the photo. The old flour mill in the background has been renovated; the railway signals and even the trains are gone now. On a personal level we’ve had some family tragedies and many happy events in 10 odd years here. My grandchildren have been born and are growing up not far away.

You have limited control over where you live for most of your life, it seems. It’s good to be able to choose somewhere you like after you retire, and for us Almonte has been that place. We are close to family, close to an airport, close to the US if we want to drive there. The air is clear and the stars are bright at night. The town is scenic and historic. We’ve made many new friends.

If I had been born here, my employment would likely have taken me away since the only thing possible in town would have been to teach math or science. There are some small entrepreneurial food companies around here but I’d have had to start one myself, if that had been my career choice. Many native Almonte types have left, but then retired back here and we have been fortunate enough to join them.

Alls well that ends well – how appropriate that old saying is tonight.



Published by Ray MacDonald

Ray MacDonald is a retired food scientist who lives in Almonte, ON.
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