And Away We Go

On Wednesday March 27 we dropped Mr. Oates off at his caregiver Shari’s home and headed for Montreal. It’s possible to get to Miami from Ottawa airport but a lot harder to get back from Europe, so Montreal’s the way to go.

We had time to check out our old neighborhood in Beaconsfield and have dinner in Mike’s Restaurant in Kirkland. Hard to believe we lived there over 40 years ago now.

Then we were off to meet Sarah and family in Dorval. We stayed overnight there because our Miami flight was pretty early on the 28th.

Kids were raring to go – adults not so much.

Granddaughter Veronica is an aspiring photographer. At age 8 she already has a good eye for composition. Grandpa is giving her a few tips, and she’s learning fast.

And so we are off to Miami. More later on.

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