An Old Fashioned Winter?

This is how it looked in Almonte this time last year after a 30 cm snowfall. Although we have had an average snowfall this year and some brutal cold, we have also had some mild spells so the snowpack is considerably shallower this year. I don’t think we have had a major snow dump either – 15 to 20 cm is the most at any one time.

Of course we have half the winter left to go and we are getting some more snow as I write this. That said we appear to be dodging another bullet as a Texas low tracks well south of us and socks it to the New York & Pennsylvania border towns. Let them have it, I say.

So is this one of those old fashioned winters like we brag about having as kids? I’d postulate not at this point but you never know. Living in the Valley always has the possibility of big winter ugly turning up. I can remember in 2008 when we had a 30 cm and then a 54 cm snowfall in a few days. Please God…no.


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