An Offer I Might Refuse

Recently I got an email about new Internet packages offered by my ISP who shall remain anonymous (Rogers.) Then just yesterday I got the same offer in a mailout. As usual they offer a 3 month discount window where you’d save $25 a month but you have to sign up for 2 years. I’m grandfathered in with a plan that was up to date two offerings ago.

So what exactly is Mr. Rogers offering me?

  • Supposedly a bit faster “up to” 60 Mbit download speed. I just checked mine with the “old plan” and I’m getting about 25 MBit speeds in the basement over the wireless N LAN. I have gotten over 35 wired in to the router upstairs. Not sure what results I’d get with the new plan, frankly.
  • 200 GB of bandwidth. Right now I have unlimited bandwidth in the “old plan.”
  • Hockey on my desktop and a SHOMI subscription. With the Game Centre Live and SHOMI features I supposedly get $300 /year extra “value.”
  • A new “Rocket” gateway with AC wifi capability. This probably would not be as good as my current Rogers DOCSIS 3 modem and D-Link N personal router combo. It would likely be incompatible with my wifi range extender and most of my equipment doesn’t support AC so I’d be back to N router speeds anyway.
  • I would have to pay $50 for installation and $15 to switch plans so that eats up $65 of the $75 “savings.” After that I’d be paying $10 more a month.

So I wouldn’t save anything after three months, pay more, get some features I don’t need and probably would not use, a gateway that isn’t an upgrade, plus give up my unlimited Internet. I could probably get by with 200 GB if we don’t stream a lot in a month but who knows?

Sounds to me like an offer I can pass on, thank you.

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