Always Behind the Times

Back when I first got online in the mid-1990s, it was a dial-up, text-based, forum heavy, low graphics and weak audio environment.  We had Internet chat rooms for spontaneity but that was about it.

I wanted to set up my own little corner of the Internet with a personal website, and one of the ways to do that was with a big website integrator called GeoCities. That’s how I got started. Later on, I outgrew the hokey GeoCities format and set up my own site on Delphi Forums. To do that I had to learn HTML and FTP, write my own website code and upload graphics. I got good at the basics and actually was about to get into Cascading Style Sheets (the latest website craze) when I discovered that all that complicated stuff had been superseded by the Content Management System. A good example of a CMS is WordPress which powers this blog. I was behind the times.

Turns out to make a decent website all you had to do now was install WordPress or Drupal on your domain, choose a suitable theme and Bob’s your uncle. I think you can find my old website here, but It’s pretty messy and a lot of the links are dead. It’s ancient history really.

So I got my own domain, installed WordPress, got a nifty little Blog theme and all was well. Well, it was until somebody moved my cheese again.

It seems that blogging as I do it – post the odd pic, write a bit of text – is now as dead as the dodo when it comes to Web hipsters. Now we have Social Media, hashtags, podcasts, YouTube, Twitch streaming, Instagram. You need to do all that stuff to make a buck it seems.

Alas, I am not about to start streaming video nor sharing smartphone photos. Even if my little blog theme isn’t sold anymore, it still works and I have fun writing the odd blog post. I don’t care if it’s profitable or not. I don’t want to sell anything or make a career out of Almontage. And at my age, it’s easy enough to accept that I’ll always be behind the times.


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