Almonte Before the Snow

I don’t have that many November photos and I need some for my homemade fridge calendar next year. Today is a cool crisp day in Almonte (snow forecast for tonight) so I thought I’d get out and do some late fall photography.

Just for fun, I took along my 4-year-old DSLR and a 30-year-old 35mm lens from my former film kit. The old lens acts like a 50mm one on the smaller sensor DSLR. It also doesn’t autofocus, so I was focusing like it was 1980. I can do this now thanks to cataract surgery and my bionic eyes.

The river above the falls flows placidly past Tait McKenzie’s bench.

Most of the leaves have gone away by now – even on the willows.

The power stations are sucking the upper falls dry in November.

And the pub is using some of that power to light up the night at holiday time.

The town’s power plant has completed a little mini-park just beside the main falls. You can see an old turbine in the middle of the flower bed.

Nice view of the falls from here.

There is a bit more show business going on with the lower falls, but still a lot of river flow is headed into the power plant.

Joe’s Kitchen gearing up for lunch. They serve great panini.

Pretty soon this walk is going to get a lot trickier.

The little dam at the Thoburn Mill is still flowing well.

No CPR trains will ever rumble across the old trestle again. But it does make for a nice hiking trail.

I enjoyed taking photos the old fashioned way, and I hope you enjoyed the results. Now on to winter tomorrow.

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