A Woman of Substance

It was a cool and damp October 2 when Sarah was born, much like today in Almonte. She’s away celebrating with Dave in Halifax right now, so hopefully the weather’s better there. But it brings back memories of a balky old Valiant car ride, a long time at the hospital and finally her arrival the hard way.

Well that was then, this is now. Sarah is a three-time mother in her own right, successful in academics, career, and in her spiritual life. So I wish her a happy birthday for the (rather large number now)th time and tell her how proud I am to be her Dad. She’s a woman of substance.

Neither of us looks the way we did in 1982 but the memories and the love are the same. Happy birthday, my dear girl.

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  1. Mandy Martin 2 years ago

    Lovely. What a wonderful father you are.

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