A Significant Birthday

Maria says that her upcoming one is not all that significant, The three guys in her life say differently. Two of them – myself and our grandson Teddy – can say so in words. The third – a ginger tabby named Mr. Oates – will figure out how to say it in actions. He was last seen cuddling up to her.

We have celebrated a few birthdays over the years – in Kingston, Port Hope, Beaconsfield, Georgetown and now in Almonte. Perhaps not all were the “milestone” variety but each one is significant. We go round and round and round in the Circle Game.

This past year didn’t have much in the way of travel or holiday time, but it marked Teddy’s confirmation and Maria was chosen to be his sponsor. They have a very special bond – he’s always sad to leave after he comes to visit.

No question she’s Mr. Oates’ favorite as well. He follows her around like a friendly puppy most days and his happiest times are when he can snuggle alongside her and doze off.

And I have to admit she’s my favorite person as well – 50+ years on and counting.

So happy birthday Dear Maria and I hope we have many more to celebrate – whether you think they are significant or not.



Published by Ray MacDonald

Ray MacDonald is a retired food scientist who lives in Almonte, ON.

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  1. Happy Birthday Maria you look very happy! All the best and to many significant Birthday 🎁 🎂🎂

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