A Significant Anniversary

In a couple of days, Maria will be celebrating a significant birthday with spouse, daughter, son in law and grandchildren.

I won’t state which one it is but let’s say it’s been a while since we got together with friends to celebrate her 21st.

From the look of this photo in Rome earlier this year, she’s aging pretty well I’d say. Both of us are a little creaky in the mornings, but she has so far avoided the need for hearing aids and just now is planning to get her eyes fixed. I had to do that a couple of years ago.

Retirement is agreeing with her and she still puts in quite a bit of time as a volunteer in our local thrift shop. She spent a week in Ottawa recently looking after the grandkids so that Dave and Sarah could enjoy a 15th-anniversary cruise.

I’d like to say I’m her number one fan around here but actually that honor belongs to a ginger tabby who follows her around all day and dozes next to her on the couch at night.

Have a Happy Birthday my dear and I’m glad you continue to be in my life.

Published by Ray MacDonald

Ray MacDonald is a retired food scientist who lives in Almonte, ON.
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