A Prayer in the Cemetery

When my daughter was here on Sunday she wanted to go over to the nearby Catholic cemetery since it was All Souls Day. So we did. When we got there, I told her some of the history of the place (It’s actually the 3rd Catholic burial ground in Almonte, although in use a long time.)

I showed her the graves of four priests who served the diocese a century ago. She asked if I knew anyone buried there so I took her to see where a lovely couple who died in 2011 and 2013 had their place of rest.

She asked if I wanted to pray for anyone in particular so I chose Rupert and Rita. She said she wanted to pray for my great-aunt Bridget who tragically committed suicide in the 1920s. We held hands and said the Lord’s Prayer and the Prayer for Eternal Rest.

In that place of death, with my current struggles with institutional Catholicism, I found my daughter’s faith quite life affirming – life giving, in fact.


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  1. Maria 6 years ago

    Glad to hear that it was such a special moment for you and Sarah.

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