A Day In Cozumel

The first time we visited Cozumel in 2011, we didn’t try to do all that much. It was hot, and we walked from the pier into San Miguel, did some shopping and then walked back. This time Sarah was determined to do something different so she planned a trip to Chankanaab Park for us.

As we got ready to go we saw other cruise ships coming in, so I wasn’t sure how busy it would be at this park. However we had agreed to come along with Sarah, Dave and the kids so off we went.

As we left the ship, Teddy and I walked down the pier hand in hand with the following conversation in progress:

Teddy : Where are we going now, Grandpa?

Grandpa: I’m not sure Teddy. Your Mom is handling the details today.

Teddy (in disbelief): But…she used to be your KID!

Grandpa: Yeah, but she’s the boss now – so we better just follow her.

We took a 7 passenger van out to the park and it turned out to be quite a lovely spot. In addition to the beach area, they had this nice lagoon to look at tropical fish.

As well there was a cool and shady botanical garden.

Then we wandered through a Mayan building and statues area.

And finally we went back to the beach to see how the sunbathers were doing.

Teddy wanted to watch the folks swimming with dolphins, so we went over there.

He wasn’t all that anxious to get close to an iguana, though.

We finished up with watching the younger set get wet all over again in the pool.

By then everyone had experienced enough sun, sand and sightseeing for the day and we had to get back to the ship. We got another taxi and were soon back at the pier and safely aboard.

Here’s a look back at the pier area as we prepare to sail away. On our way to George Town next!

Published by Ray MacDonald

Ray MacDonald is a retired food scientist who lives in Almonte, ON.
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