A Boy for the Ages

So on January 20, our grandson will be turning 11. Time flies – Teddy was born at the start of the Obama administration, and you all know how far we have come from there.

If you are into Generation speak, Teddy is part of Generation Z – the post-Millennials I guess. What that means has yet to be determined, but it is a long way from Grandpa’s early Boomer status.

Teddy is a poster boy for “Sunny Ways.” He has the sunniest disposition of all our grandkids, and he’s a rabid cheerleader for his sisters and friends. I think he is as happy to see them succeed as he would be for himself.

He’s a voracious reader and demon Beyblade player. He loves to team up with his sister in video games. He has a tremendous spatial feel in anything 3 dimensional.

Like his Grandpa, he loses interest in things he finds boring, but can hone in like a laser on stuff that catches his interest. He got into watching baseball with me last summer, and it wouldn’t take much to turn him into a fanatic.

Teddy enjoys his martial arts training and has moved through the ranks of colored belts. Don’t ask me where he is now, but he’s made good progress.

He’s still a couple of years removed from the teenage years and the challenges of Middle School, so I wish him a bit more time of boyhood before he has to face it. I’m sure he’ll be fine.

When he talks on the phone, or visits in person, it’s always “Nice to hear from you (or see you) Grandpa.” It sure is nice for me too, Teddy.

A boy for the ages. Happy birthday, and many more.

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