I checked the Toronto Star Archives for June 24, 1972. There were stories about Hurricane Agnes, air piracy in St. Louis, auto pollution, how modern humanity was depressed and forlorn despite one’s riches, and (wait for it) the Waffle Party.

Some things have changed, some haven’t. But it was a lifetime ago.

I remember Hurricane Agnes of course. Its looming presence made it touch and go if some American relatives would make it to our wedding. And Maria was really ticked off that it rained the morning before the ceremony. In the end, everything worked out and it was sunny as we came out of the church.

There have been many changes in the 52 years since – where we lived, what we worked at, friends we made and lost, family no longer with us.

Of course, a number of new people have graced our lives and we would be lost without them. They are changing too.

Through all the years of change the one constant has been Maria’s love and support – things for which I am eternally grateful. So Happy Anniversary dear Maria and I hope and pray for many more – and that Martina McBride’s Wild Angels will continue to look over us.

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