Peace at the Last

We lost our dearest old ginger friend today. Mr.Oates had not been well for a month. He had his good days and not so good days. The vet thought he had a neurological issue – maybe a brain tumor.

The last 24 hours he just went downhill – crawled off to the closet in our bedroom to be alone. He was unresponsive and falling over when he tried to walk.

So we cuddled him up in a big towel – no point in using the cat cage – and took a final journey to the vet. He was gentle to the end – slept away while we held him close.

Right now I’d say we are halfway between depression and acceptance on the Kuebler-Ross scale. Think of us today. We are grateful we could give him a good life and a warm bed to sleep in.

The pic above is how we always want to remember him. May he have had peace at the last.

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