2019 has lots of interesting anniversaries coming up – one for Maria I won’t elaborate on.

There are also Teddy’s 10th birthday, 40 years since we moved to Georgetown from Montreal, 50 years since I graduated from university and started my career, 60 years since I left elementary school.

Some sad ones too – 10 years since Maria’s sister Flo and my parents passed away.

We have a family holiday planned at the end of March – another Transatlantic cruise – so hopefully all will work out great as far as travel goes. We have been careful not to connect flights in Britain just after Brexit.

Not many other trips planned though. I think we are entering the “go slow” phase of our retirement. Also Trump’s America doesn’t seem all that welcoming to Canadians nowadays. I hope I’m wrong about that.

January 1st marks the official 14th anniversary of my retirement from Unilever. The day after that in 2005, I didn’t return to work after the holidays. Given Unilever’s business decisions, there wouldn’t be much to return to nowadays.

Maria will have the 14th anniversary of her retirement at the end of February. And of course, we’ll have lived in Almonte for 14 years come July 6, 2019. Time sure does fly when you’re having fun.

So here’s to the New Year. We have lots of great memories of past ones, and with any good fortune, this coming year will give us some more.

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