We’ve Been Away…

The notable lack of activity on this blog recently has been due to the fact that we have crossed the Pacific on the Celebrity Solstice during the month of April:

  • 30 days on the ship
  • 9000 nautical miles of cruising
  • 13000 miles of flying
  • 4 countries and one French colony
  • one rescue at sea
  • lots of great food ( and a few extra pounds of avoirdupois)
  • many new friends made (and some old ones met again)

My main reason for not blogging in April is the incredible cost and slow performance of the ship’s Internet facilities. I hope to make up for it in the month of May though.

I’m sorting through the photos now – over 900 images – and I have lots of blogs to come. But right now I’m a trifle knackered so bear with me and stay tuned.

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