10 Years On

10 years ago today the movers finished loading the van and we locked the door at 56 Pennington Crescent, Georgetown for the last time. As I recall it was in the middle of a torrential rainstorm. The next day we moved into our current home in Almonte, after a 400 Km drive and an overnight stay in Peterborough.

10 years is a long time, especially as we get into the sunset years of our lives. It’s been a good time in many ways although we have had our share of sorrows too.

The move to the Ottawa Valley was a very wise one to make. This area is gorgeous, much like the vacation area I frequented as a young person. The air is clean, the night skies dark and full of stars. Nights are cool and days are warm in the summer and – although the winter tends to be harsh, it’s mostly snow not freezing rain – so we manage. There are times when I’m on my way home from points south that I can scarcely imagine I live in such a great spot.

We are closer to family and this has enabled us to assist with both the previous generation and the next two succeeding ones. We were able to be there when beloved family members got ill and passed away.

Our lovely old cat spent the majority of his life here and found kind and compassionate vet care at the end of it all. A new furry pal came from a shelter not far away.

Our grandchildren are growing up before our eyes. Even the youngest is now talking a blue streak. The older two are solidly plugged into the school system and on their way to maturity.

We have discovered the joys of sea cruising, been across the Atlantic multiple times and the Pacific as well. We’ve seen places I only dreamed of as a child. It may have taken 60 years but I got there eventually.

We’ve transitioned from middle aged early retirees to seniors. No longer do we have to feel guilty about leaving the workforce early – although frankly I never did. Those old folks around here who claim they love their jobs and don’t want to retire are mostly working at Walmart or Tim Horton’s. No thanks.

Maria keeps busy at a volunteer job with the community second hand store. I’ve learned how to refurbish, fix or build computers, how to set up wifi networks and work with Linux, Windows and OS X. I’m vastly more skilled at this than the average senior so I do a lot of IT work in the neighborhood and in town. I could probably make some serious money doing this, but the people I help are mostly poorer than I am so I won’t ask them to pay. It keeps my mind active getting them out of trouble.

Our health has been pretty good – aside from getting old. We have good medical and dental care nearby. Generally it’s been a great time to be retired and able to do the things we had on our bucket list. We wouldn’t trade the past 10 years for anything.

It’s almost unfathomable to realize that 10 years has flown by – but we’ve lived every day of it – one day at a time.

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  1. John and Nancy Peters 7 years ago

    Hi Ray,

    Just enjoyed reading your reflections on the past ten years here. Nice that you were settled here a year before we came and have been good neighbours. All the best for the next ten years!

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