10 Years Ago

Looking back 10 years isn’t so tough when you get to the point where you can remember how it was 70 years ago.

Nevertheless, 2014 was unusual in one sense. We did not take a cruise of any sort that year. We had taken two in 2013 before Susannah was born (TransAtlantic and British Isles) and we had scheduled a bucket list TransPacific cruise for 2015. Maybe we were preoccupied with helping Sarah with 3 kids, or maybe we were just saving our money for that cruise of a lifetime.

In any event, it looks like our holidays in 2014 were weekend affairs in Syracuse NY.

I just had a look back at some of the photos I took on one of those trips. Most were shot with a tiny Canon S90 digital camera. There were some clunkers, as that camera was pretty bad at fast action – and little kids move fast. Others – like the one above – are pretty memorable. That one was taken at the Gifford Zoo.

We stayed at the Holiday Inn Expresss in Dewitt, so the kids spent a fair bit of time in the pool. Even Susannah enjoyed the water.

Most of our shopping was at the Destiny Mall. I doubt Veronica would enjoy the classic carousel today as much as she did in 2014, but she sure liked it back then.

Destiny Mall also has a number of indoor obstacle courses. The kids were only able to use the junior course back then. This year they were climbing on the 5 level adult one. Scary.

I guess the point is you don’t have to take a big expensive holiday to have fun. We sure had fun 10 years ago this summer.

Published by Ray MacDonald

Ray MacDonald is a retired food scientist who lives in Almonte, ON.
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